Business Solution

Two different options are available to answer all your needs in collaboration spaces

Pulse Box Smart Room

The wireless display solution simple and universal for any kind of spaces

Pulse Box Experience

The Smart Room features and more… to change the way of thinking your collaborative spaces


No accessories and no apps to install


Secured integration in your existing IT network

Smart Office

Multi purpose screen display depending on your needs in each collaborative space

Hybrid Office

Share content from any devices directly in the videoconferencing system


Share contents wirelessly on a main screen display from any devices. Alternate from a presenter to another
New experiences in collaboration spaces: act as a stand up presenter in a corner coffee, share contents in a videoconferencing system easily, see your reservation planning directly on the main screen display, use QR CODE to control your booking session

Benefits for end-users


Easy To Use

Very simple for end-users, no accessories or apps to install. Presenter can share contents wirelessly from anywhere in the meeting room

BYOD (Bring your own device)

Compatible with any devices such as smartphone, tablet or laptop. The MacOs and Windows users can also choose to extend their screen during the projection

Easy To Use

 A simple experience with no accessories or apps available for any devices such as laptop, tablet or smartphone

Augmented experiences

 Automatic experiences in your different collaboration spaces

Benefits for IT manager


Plug & Play

Just connect the box to main screen display using HDMI cable and power outlet. The solution is universal and use native protocols for easy maintenance

Secured configuration

  Secured integration with WPA2-Enterprise, SSL, certificates and proxy existing networks. No date stocked. Display control using Room Code

Cloud fleet manager

Fast remote monitoring using a licensing cloud based platform for all your devices 

Continuous evolutivity

With automatic updates integrating new services dedicated to your needs

More than 200 references in 7 countries with the Pulse Box:

Infos sur la société

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Elle est basée à Grenoble, berceau des technologies embarquées.

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