Technological partnership

Certified partners using the Pulse Box compatibility

Pulse Origin has tested many different solutions especially for videoconferencing compatibility. The followed solutions work perfectly with the Pulse Box integration. Our tests ensure partners and end-users our product interoperability.

Our technological SDK partners

Pulse Origin has decided to open its embedded software environment to any software-based company that want to integrate collaborative spaces. Around any screen display, create your own experience bonded with our numerous services integrated in the Pulse Box
The french companies, SharingCloud and Pulse Origin have worked hardly together to create a new solution for hybrid spaces around automatic experiences. Their first common solution, named 4Kast Player, allows to create new collaborative spaces around a digital signage screen display (corner coffee, open space…) or to assist participants in a meeting room during a booking session.
LOGO - 4KastPlayer - Black
Discover the 4Kast Player in video here

They have already worked with the Pulse Box SDK


Infos sur la société

Pulse Origin est une société française spécialisée dans les technologies de diffusion sans fil.
Elle est basée à Grenoble, berceau des technologies embarquées.

Téléphone : +33 (0)970 246 123


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