Campus Solution

Why using the Pulse Box Education ?

A simple and wireless experience for teachers and students during any collaborative/training sessions.


No accessory and no apps to install on your device


An agnostic solution compatible with any kind of devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop)

Smart Classroom

Multi purpose screen display depending on the way you want to use it during your training session

Hybrid Learning

Share contents easily in your spaces and/or in your videoconferencing system


Share contents wirelessly using any Pulse Box in a training session: reversed pedagogy, dynamic learning, or interactivity between participants.
  The students can control the screen display from their laptop or mobile, such as the teacher, everywhere in the classroom.. 

Benefits for students and teachers


Easy to Use

A simple experience with no accessories and no apps to install on devices for the end users. Native protocols compatibility.

Teachers Mobility

The teachers can interact easily with students from anywhere in the classroom to improve dynamic collaboration during training sessions

Interactive session

Give the students the opportunity to access a flexible learning space.  They can also participate to the session using their own devices sharing contents wirelessly

Agnostic Solution

 A universal solution working with all devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop… Working for any kind of spaces and sessions.

Benefits for IT department


Secured Configuration

Plug & play or multi network integration in your environment. No apps/accessories to maintain

Cloud fleet management

Quick Monitoring on a licensed cloud-based platform. For a better and more professional fleet management

Thousand students have already tested the Pulse Box:

Infos sur la société

Pulse Origin est une société française spécialisée dans les technologies de diffusion sans fil.
Elle est basée à Grenoble, berceau des technologies embarquées.

Téléphone : +33 (0)970 246 123


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