New collaboratives experiences

A product integrating collaborative services with the SDK
Pulse Origin decides to open its software and hardware environment to the professional partners which wants to access to collaborative spaces. Your services will be relayed on any screen display and integrate to a whole collaborative and useful applications market.
You are a pure SaaS Company ? : Use the Pulse Box as a bridge to display content from your services to any collaboration space​

Add new services

You already have an hardware to support your services ?
Add an innovative and unexpected cohabition between your actual services and wireless display features, and many more to come…
Revolutionize the employee experience

How does it work ?


New automatic user experience

Smart office & collaborative services cohabitation​

Automated moderation system

A fast and automatic moderation between all services

An easy and efficient integration 

Simple integration through the android environment

Automatic Apps provisioning system

Automatic update of existing services or new services

Some examples of possible features


Booking system compatibility


Videoconferencing system integration


Collaborative system integration


Digital signage changover


Smart building statement


IOT Sensors 

Find out about the 4Kast Player, our solution created with SharingCloud, that revolutionizes the employee experience

Check out the 4Kast Player here

More than 200 references in 7 countries with the Pulse Box:

Infos sur la société

Pulse Origin est une société française spécialisée dans les technologies de diffusion sans fil.
Elle est basée à Grenoble, berceau des technologies embarquées.

Téléphone : +33 (0)970 246 123


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