Pulse Box for seminar spaces

A simple & innovative wireless projection experience

Why the Pulse Box ?


Spaces modernization 

Agnostic and modular spaces adapted to the various needs of your customers. An easy-to-install solution to create productive meeting spaces.

Easy to use

Always the same simple experience for users in all seminar spaces, with no accessories or application to install.



A scalable solution 

The scalability of our functionalities allows us to offer new experiences to customers to meet the seminar spaces needs. 


Benefits for users


Easy to use

No need to use a video cable or bring an adapter, no accessories or applications to install, your work sessions start quickly and efficiently. 



Presenter mobility

The Pulse Box gives users the freedom to share their presentation from anywhere in the room and to switch to other users without handling material.

Agnostic solution

Use on all types devices, your mobiles, your tablets and your PCs. A solution that can be adapted to each client habits and can be tuned to meet all their needs. 

Benefits for the IT Department


Easy deployment

Fast monitoring on a secure cloud platform accessible as an annual license.

Secure configuration

Possible integration with your Wifi Guest. Secure projection by Room Code. No stored data.

Continuous scalability

Updates are automatic and allow you to benefit from new features and fixes as soon as they are released.

Offer a productive collaboration

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Infos sur la société

Pulse Origin est une société française spécialisée dans les technologies de diffusion sans fil.
Elle est basée à Grenoble, berceau des technologies embarquées.

Téléphone : +33 (0)970 246 123


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